Follow along with a timid foster child and a teddy bear as they learn about their new home. A transition like this can be scary and this book helps a child understand and feel safe along their journey, all while providing comfort and acceptance into their new environment. This delightful book for foster children and their families is 11 x 8.5, 24 pages plus soft cover, with lively color illustrations throughout and an easy to read font. 


  • Natalie, Foster and Adoptive Parent, 01/01/18
    "My husband, children and I have been a "helping family" (or foster family) for the past 12 years. We have had the pleasure to care for 51 children ranging from 26 hours to 17 years old. Reading books with these children is one of my favorite ways to build trust, bond and regulate. A huge part of comforting a child is helping them to understand that they aren't the only ones having this life experience; that SOMETIMES by no fault of their own they can't stay where they live and that is alright. This beautifully illustrated book is a gentle way to talk through the process of an unexpected move, to help normalize feelings and comfort a child by boosting their self esteem. What a valuable parenting tool!!!"


    Sarah B., Fost-Adopt Mom, 01/02/18
    "This is the book I've been waiting for. As a mother of two adopted foster children I often feel overwhelmed and unsure how I should explain foster care and adoption to my young children. "Sometimes" is a great tool to open the conversations with kids of all ages. The illustrations are engaging while the message is soft but clear. This book has quickly become part of our nighttime ritual."


    Suzanne, 2nd Grade Teacher, 02/22/18
    "My students loved this book and the author who presented it. The students enjoyed the illustrations and simple details that evoked emotion, empathy, and understanding. "Sometimes" is a book I will keep in my classroom. Keri has found a way to comfort those children who may experience removal from their homes as well as educate others about children in this circumstance."


    Mel, Kindergarten Teacher, 05/27/17
    "Keri came to my kindergarten class and shared this important story with my students. It really helped young children to understand the sensitive subject of foster care and adoption and the kids were very drawn to the pictures and story. Thank you so much for sharing with us!"


    Kristi, 2nd Grade Teacher, 05/27/17
    "What a wonderful little treasure this book is! 'Sometimes' is a touching book about fostering and adoption and making kids all kids feel loved and safe. Keri and her illustrator did a beautiful job with words and pictures!"

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