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As a mom to six, and having experience with children from many beginnings and backgrounds, Keri understands the challenges and circumstances that may arise when kids are displaced. Her books, with their lively illustrations, provide an identifiable story and comforting resolution for such children. They kindly speak to foster and fost-adopt children and resource families alike.

- Picture Books -


This book was written for foster children and fost-adopt children, or for children who are not able stay in their home for one reason or another and need to be placed in a new home. Follow along with a timid foster child and a teddy bear as they learn about their new home. A transition like this can be scary and this book helps a child understand and feel safe along their journey, all while providing comfort and acceptance into their new environment.

The book is an ideal tool to have available in social service agencies, law enforcement agencies, daycare and schools, as well as to have in a home library where foster children are living. Foster and resource families will find this book both helpful and inspirational.

When I Was Little


Keri's new book When I Was Little is now available! The book addresses overcoming the pain and difficulties children face in experiencing abuse or trauma in their young lives. 

This title is another amazing resource for families, social agencies, therapists and school libraries. It teaches compassion, understanding and that by trusting professionals, a child can feel confident and loved.

- Autobiography -

Coming Soon: Saving Michael: Rescuing a “Throwaway” Child. By Keri Vellis

What would you do to save a traumatized child? Most people's instincts are to protect. You don't need to feel helpless and without support. Foster care parenting is frustrating, but you have the tools to navigate the health of your child.  No longer will your foster care kids feel abandoned by a foster care system that does not value their pain. Know that you are not alone, and there is hope.


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​Be an advocate for Keri’s Kids and purchase life-changing books for nonprofits and service agencies to give to foster care kids in need.

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